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For the past 25 years I have been blessed with living on the coast of Maine.This is where I have watched the cycles of nature: the daily rhythm of the ocean tides rise and fall, the seasonal migration of birds, the sunrise and sunset and the cycles of the moon.

My exploration of these rhythms began in adolescence, training as a dancer, swimming and practicing hatha yoga daily to correct scoliosis. I became very interested in how our bodies can mirror our thoughts and emotions.  After college I deepened my inquiry into how to create balance of body, mind and spirit through the study of Body Centered Therapies, Yoga, Guided imagery, Massage, Reiki Healing and Macrobiotics. I learned that to experience life in its immediacy is far more powerful than simply reflecting on or talking about it. Later, I studied Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology in graduate school learning just how profoundly the relationships among human beings affects each of our well being, how the personal is always shaped by the political, how we often become merely what we believe we can be, and how often we are unconscious of our vast potential. Studying with Jean Houston PhD and Joseph Chilton Pierce dramatically expanded my awareness of human beings’ limitless potentials and taught me to keep asking, “what is possible?”

I have been greatly influenced by my years of post graduate training with Andy Hahn, PsyD., the founder of Guided Self Healing. He taught me to recognize that the vast support of the universe, what some might call God, is available to each of us when we invite it in to our healing space. He also taught that our bodies come into balance by first rebuilding our foundation through deep discernment of the body’s own priorities.

Guided Self Healing resonated with my study of Kripalu Yoga which fosters inquiry into the body’s wisdom through Meditation in Motion, again, deep listening that invites coming back into balance. I became a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor in 1991 to share the benefits of yoga with others.

In 2009 I  began studying the work of Dr. John Veltheim who pioneered Body Talk – a consciousness-based, non diagnostic therapy that works with listening to the  body’s highest priorities in its’ healing process.  It recognizes the constant flow of communication that is necessary between head, heart and gut in order for healing to occur.The health of the gut brain is dependent on the functional wellness of the gut Microbiome. Current scientific research on the Microbiome is elucidating its’ importance in the overall function of the brain, and body.  Body Talk meshes seamlessly with my prior training using a protocol that allows me to access a multiplicity of Healing techniques that I have studied over the past 30 years including the new Energy Psychology techniques of EFT and Tapas.

In 2016 I completely a year long training in Internal Family Systems therapy.   IFS founder Dr Dick Schwartz Phd . The Internal Family Systems (IFS) created a model of psychotherapy that offers a clear, non-pathologizing, and empowering method of understanding human problems, that recognizes that we are made up of a multiplicity of parts of our personality that, until they are welcomed and unburdened in our conscious awareness, carry us through life with the same old “stories” and behaviors that can lead to the difference between survival and thriving.

I recently completed a 52 hour training with Deb Dana LCSW, in the study of  Polyvagal theory; the autonomic nervous system. I now teach clients to to understand the underpinnings of their biologically driven behaviors and beliefs that shape the way we connect or disconnect in the world.

I am an ongoing student of Dr Christine Page MD, author of several books on the role of the Goddess in healing and returning to the balance within each of us of the masculine and feminine principles needed to balance both ourselves, our relationships with one another and our delicate planet.

I am so grateful to all the teachers that I have studied with over the years in classrooms and seminars.  And yet the teachers that have taught me the most are my children, spouse, clients and yoga students. They always remind me of the vast importance of showing up in relationship, particularly, the profound gifts of healing that are available when we choose to do so.