“Body Mind and Spirt…I always knew the three were connected like a chain and if there was one weak link it wouldn’t be able to support the other. I had physical pain, emotional pain, and spiritual pain. A culmination of years of “life”. I’ve been practicing Body Talk now with Leslie Joy for months, and look forward to each session because of the healing that is taking pace and the peace it is giving me. We go deep within my soul and it feels like a cleansing is going on. “We” are starting to become one again Body, Mind and Spirit. It was like opening a door to a scared child and saying “it’s o.k. to come out now”. At home and work I use the tapping techniques. When I tap, it almost reminds “the three” that they are all connected. I love doing it first thing in the morning. Almost better than coffee! ” JP

“Since beginning body talk I noticed almost right away that I felt happier and more calm. I notice that I have more patience with my kids and my discipline is more effective. I feel more connected to my husband, family and friends and I am more relaxed socially. Physically I have more energy, less frequent headaches, and my eyes are brighter and clearer. I’ve also noticed an increase in my sex drive which I thought was permanently affected by menopause. Leslie Joy has been immensely supportive on my lifelong journey of taking care of myself so that my improved health continues. “  C.H.

“Leslie Joy Simmons and I have practiced Body Talk together for a number of years now, and its positive effects on me are truly remarkable. They range from better mental acuity, balance, resilience, immunity, to release of blockages. It also has loosened and healed major health problems which had been intractable for some time. I practice Access- the Body Talk self help protocol daily. I recommend Body Talk and Leslie Joy highly.” R.E.