Student Voices

“In many years of “Yoga With Leslie”, I have developed the ability to accept and like myself.  I have stopped being so critical. Now I never feel I have to compete or keep up with others.  I am enough. This wasn’t always true.” S.W.

“My husband remarks that I seem “more at peace with myself” since starting yoga this past semester.  I know now when my back aches to do some of the poses that Leslie taught us. I obtain the relief I need within a few minutes of the stretching she showed us how to do. My only wish is that I had started long before now, as it does indeed relieve stress, and makes my body feel far more flexible than it has in a LONG time.  I’m hooked now.” L.N.

“My weekly yoga class helps me settle my mind, expand my lungs, strengthen and stretch my muscles, and put my bones back in place.  I’m a much happier person for it during the rest of the week!” K.O.

“Class is a chance to focus on oneself in a very healthy nurturing way – a good habit. Leslie creates a warm, accepting, and challenging environment to learn in.” A.F