The world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, no matter how long, but only by a spiritual journey. A journey of one inch, very arduous, humbling and joyful, by which we arrive with the ground at our feet and learn to be at home. ~ Wendell Berry

My approach to Psychotherapy is eclectic.  I believe that all of our life experiences contribute to who we are as individuals. Gaining a new understanding of our experiences and relationships can help us in our current lives as we develop new behaviors and strategies for living. I also believe that our body, mind and spirit cannot be healed separately from one another and I use approaches that involve learning how to listen to the wisdom of the this “holy trinity” including talk therapy, parts work ( from Internal Family Systems,  body centered therapy, deep relaxation, yoga, meditation, Body Talk and the Energy Psychology techniques of Emotional Freedom Therapy and Tapas. All of my work is informed by an understanding of the Polyvagal Nervous System.

I offer a free fifteen-minute consultation for individuals interested in starting psychotherapy.  This is an opportunity to meet face to face to discuss your therapeutic goals and how I can help you.  Many people who give up on therapy do so because they haven’t found the right “fit” with a therapist.  Choosing a therapist  (or yoga teacher) with whom you feel comfortable is paramount to starting the therapeutic process.  We can decide together how we might be able to collaborate to support your well-being. Appointments are generally scheduled weekly.

Fees for Service:

I am a preferred provider for many insurance carriers including, Anthem, Behavioral Health  Care, United Behavioral Health, Community Health Options, Harvard Pilgrim, Health Plans, and Employee Benefits Plan Administrators.

I also offer a sliding scale fee schedule for those in financial need. Please inquire.

Client Comments:

“During the past year and a half, Leslie Joy has offered me hope, support, and enlightenment. Initially helping me to navigate through severe trauma and its subsequent ramifications, Leslie professionally and wisely encouraged me to move forward each time we met. Now as I discover my best self, Leslie continues to be an integral part of my healing journey. A wise and gifted professional, a healer genuinely able to listen to and hear what her client is saying, Leslie Joy has unerringly guided me to be my best self.”  C.J

“Leslie Joy Simmons has helped me get over anxiety, insomnia, intimacy hurdles, and ego problems and led me to be a happier, more balanced person and engaged citizen. She has not only offered me a brighter perspective; she has modeled kindness, generosity, and empowerment in our sessions that have led me to regard her as an inspiring mentor in all of my relationships. To work with her is one of my most precious, life experiences. Our sessions engage my emotions, intellect, body wisdom imagination, and other powers I haven’t known I possessed until we unearthed them together. As a teacher it is powerful for me that I get to be a student in LJS’s office. I’ve learned from her that it’s important to deeply connect your passion to your authentic self. Being a psychotherapist is so much more than a job for Leslie Joy, bringing all of her love and activism to this work. From working with her, I’ve learned that I, too, want to be this kind of teacher; a teacher who leads from a place of passion for my authentic truth and a love for life.”  C.S.

“As a wife, a mother of three and a working physical therapist, I, one day, found myself having a cluster of unexplainable symptoms that prohibited me from working, mothering or living life fully.  It was quite scary.  After seeing many alternative and allopathic practitioners for my range of symptoms that did not fit into a tidy diagnosis…I was finally led to Leslie.  Through patience, compassion and deep insight into my personal nature,  Leslie steadily helped me, body, mind and spirit, to find and release the sources of my body’s troubled expressions. With her guidance, I have learned that the influence of my life patterns, my choices and those with whom I interact make an absolute impact on me and vice versa.   Leslie has so many gifts; a deep bag of tricks that are powerfully effective.   Her kind and loving nature combined with her absolute willingness to really help bolstered my capacity to have the courage I needed to identify and make changes that support and allow health.  I am healthier and stronger than I have ever been.  I have heard of the analogy, patient is to practitioner as lock is to key.  I believe that Leslie and her gifts are a key that can unlock many, many doors.  I know I am blessed to have received her help”.  S.W.