Yoga With Leslie

Twist“Yoga is not about the pose it is not the alignment of toes, hips or shoulders, it is not about the form.Yoga is an invitation to explore, not a command performance. It speaks the language of the soul. In the flow of breath and motion yoga coaxes us from the confines of the known across the silent threshold into vastness. Yoga is the union of prayer and movement guided from inside. It is healing and the joy of saying yes to life.” ~ Danna Faulds

In 1991 I became Certified as a Kripalu Yoga Instructor. Kripalu yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga that Invites mediation in motion using inner focus, breathing, poses and relaxation to not only develop a strong and flexible body, but also to develop a quiet mind, cultivate compassionate self acceptance, witness consciousness and a relationship with prana, the subtle rhythmic pulsation of “life force energy” within our physical bodies.

Yoga is a dynamic moving practice of learning to listen deeply to what one is needing at any particular time in life and recognizing that as the circumstances of our lives change, our practice may need to transform as well.

Yoga practice begins “on the mat” but it lives in the poses we choose to hold in our daily lives. I find inspiration for my personal practice and teaching  from a variety of forms of Hatha Yoga, including Kripalu, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Meridian Yoga, Kundalini and Bikram’s Hot Yoga.

Everyday we experience stress in our lives that can manifest as imbalance and dis-ease. Cultivating a practice of fully experiencing, and objectively observing our mental, emotional and physical reactions to stress can lead to the release of physical blockages, freeing up of energy and transformation of consciousness.

I am deeply grateful to Kripalu Yoga Center for its continual commitment to provide a spiritual retreat and education center for people from all walks of life to explore and renew our personal and collective journey towards greater health and well-being on our planet.

I encourage new yoga students to check out my classes, as we benefit from different teachers and different styles at various times in our development. Please read comments from current students.